Aircraft accident and incident investigation in Myanmar is carried out by the Aircraft Accident Investigatin Bureau (AAIB). The AAIB is a specialized division under the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC). The Head of the AAIB, currently a Deputy Director is responsible for the management of aircraft accident/incident investigation. The AAIB is independent from the regulatory and judicial authorities as well as from the aviation service providers in Myanmar.

The Key functions of the AAIB are:-

  • To implement the Standards and Recommended Practices contained in Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention).
  • To conduct independent and objective investigation of accidents and incidents in accordance with the Union of Myanmar Aircraft Act and Rules, and international best practices.
  • To promote aviation safety through the investigation of accidents and incidents and the identification of safety deficiencies so that accidents may be avoided in future.
  • To administer a voluntary and non-punitive confidential aviation incident reporting system.
  • To educate the industry and the public on ICAO's philosophy of investigation.
  • To maintain the confidence of the aviation industry and the public in aviation safety through the investigation of accident and incidents.

Investigation of accidents and incidents

The AAIB investigates accidents pursuant to Article 26 of the Chicago Convention. While Article 26 of the Chicago Convention refers to investigation of accident, Annex 13 goes beyond investigation of accidents and prescribes Standards and Recommended Practices for the investigation of incidents as well, in particular, serious incidents. Thus, the AAIB aslos investigate serious incidents as recommended by Annex 13 and, where the safety lessons to be drawn, incidents that are not classified as serious incidents.

Note: There may be instances where it is not clear-cut as to whether an incident should be classified as a serious incident. Even if such incidents are not classified as serious incidents and if they are likely to offer safety lessons, the AAIB initiates an investigation.


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The sole objective of the investigation of an accident or incident shall be the prevention of accidents and incidents. It is not the purpose of this activity to apportion blame or liability.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To conduct investigation of aircraft accidents and serious incidents as required by the regulation. (Myanmar Aircraft Act, Rule and Annex-13 to the Chicago Convention)
  • To comment for preventive action after analyzing incident data reported from all services providers.
  • Notification and Reporting of aircraft accidents and serious incidents to ICAO and involves States.
  • Cooperation and coordination with other Organizations such as Aviation Safety matter.

External Linkes

  • ASEAN Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation Relating to aircraft accident and incident investigation. (Twenty-Ninth Day of May in the Year Two Thousand and Eight)

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Aviation Incident Reporting Programme

  • Confidential Aviation Incident Reporting
  • Voluntary, non-punitive, Protection to the sources of the information.
  • Scope of programme covers areas (Flight Operation, Ground Operation, Air Traffic Management, Maintenance, Miscelaneous)
  • Report by a pastage-paid mailing, fax phone or e-mail to the following address.

    Myanmar Accident Investigation Bureau First Floor, DCA HQ Building (B)
    Yangon 11021, Myanmar
    Tel: 951 533162
    Fax: 951 533016
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • The Incident notification is required the following information:
    • Date of Occurrence, locationof Occurrence.
    • Aircraft type, registration mark, Aircraft commander name, operator (or) own name, flight No, Nationality
    • The last point of departure and the next point of intended landing.
    • Phase of flight (Aircraft Standing, Taxing, Take-off, Enroute, Manoeuvering, Approach, Landing)
    • Aircraft Altitude, Weather Condition (Visibility, Wind, Cloud)
    • Describle about the ocurrence (your suggestion to prevent similar Occurrence if any)
    • Your name, address, telephone No, date
  • Should not be reported of criminal activities, Personnel problems, legal/commerical disputes and incidents with no aviaiton safety content.
  • After de-identify, reported information enter into the MAIB database for analyzing and making Preventive action.
  • Aircraft Accident prevention and Investigation Workshop between AAIB, Singapore & DCA, Myanmar.

Safety Management Strategies

ICAO - Notification and Reporting

Final Reports

Date Occurrence Aircraft Location/Description
11.07.2011 Accident Sikorsky S76C near YETAGUN in Andaman Sea
25.12.2012 Accident F-28 MK 0100 (XY-AGC) near Heho Airport (VYHH)
16.05.2013 Runway Excursion MA-60 (XY-AIQ) Mong-Hsat Airport (VYMS)
10.06.2013 Runway Excursion MA-60 (XY-AIP) Kawthoung Airport (VYKT)
27.09.2014 Accident EC 130 B4 (HS-CCN) Naung Moon near Putao Airport (VYPT)
12.02.2015 Ground Collision A-300-200(HL-7538) and ATR 72-212 A (HS-PGA) Yangon International Airport (VYYY)
24.07.2015 Runway Excursion ATR 72 (XY-AIH) Yangon International Airport (VYYY)
25.06.2016 Wing Clip Incident ATR 72-212A (XY-AJP) and Embraer-190 (XY-AGQ) Dawei Airport (VYDW)
03.05.2017 Enroute Conflict A-319 (B-6202)/A-330-300 (B-5960) Airway A599 LSO-LINSO
18.09.2017 Hard Landing Incident Embraer 145EP (XY-ALE) Sittwe Airport (VYSW)
18.12.2017 Loss of Separation A-320 (HS-TXB) and ATR72-600 (XY-AJP) Yangon International Airport (VYYY)
27.11.2018 Runway Excursion Cessna Grand Caravan 208B(XY-AMB) Mawlamyine Airport(VYMM)

Guidance and Reference Materials

  • Myanmar Aircraft Act (1934) and Rule (1937)
  • ICAO, Annex-13
  • Myanmar Civil Aviation Requirement (MCAR-AIG)
  • Myanmar Accident Investigation Bureau Policy and Handbook

Available documents to download

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MCAIR | Myanmar Confidential Aviation Incident Reporting Programme

Head of Division

Mr. Aung Maw
Deputy Director

Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau(AAIB)

Room No.( 7,8,9,10)

First Floor, 3-Storeyed Building


 Yangon 11021


Tel :(951) 533162

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Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(Notifications)

              This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Notifications)

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