• 1Applicable to all aircraft engages in International Flight into and out of any airport in the Union of Myanmar, and aircraft over-flying the Yangon Flight Information Region without landing at any airport in Myanmar.
  • 2The charges is made on per movement basis. Overflights are counted as one movement and arrival and departure are counted as two movements.


Maximum Take-off WeightInternational FlightDomestic Flight
Not exceeding 25,000 Kg USD 32 Kyats 6300
25,001 Kg to 50,000 Kg USD 53 Kyats 10400
50,001 Kg to 75,000 Kg USD 99 Kyats 15500
75,001 Kg to 100,000 Kg USD 119 Kyats 20900
100,001 Kg to 200,000 Kg USD 304 Kyats 53500
200,001 Kg to 300,000 Kg USD 457 Kyats 80150
300,001 Kg to 400,000 Kg USD 609 Kyats 106800
  Basis: Take-off weight in the C of A.

Bank detail information
Myanma Economic Bank (MEB)

1. Bank Name

Myanma Economic Bank (MEB) , Forex Operation

2. Address of Bank

Myanma Economic Bank (MEB) , Forex Operation, No 23-25, The Corner of Sule Pagoda Road & Merchant Road, Pabedan Township , Yangon, Myanmar

3. Account number

EEA- 600001 (For EURO Payment)
EDA- 600002 (For USD Payment)

4. Beneficiary Name

General Manager, Air Navigation Seruices, D.C.A,Yangon

5. SWIFT Code


6. email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7. Currency


Correspondence Banks USD / EURO through

(a) Swift Code KRTHTHBK at Krung Thai Bank pCL, Thailand

(b) swift code BKKBTHBK at Bangkok Bank pcl, BKt( Thailand

(c) Swift Code SICOTHBK at Siam Commericial Bank PCL, Bangko( Thaitand

(d) swift code TMBKTHBK at rhanachart Bank Ltd , Bangkok, Thaitand

(e) Swift Code UOVBSGSG at United Oversea Bank Ltd, Singapore

(f) Swift Code OCBCSGSG at Oversea Chinese Banking Corp, Singapore

(g) Swift Code DBSSSGSG at DBS Bank, Singapore

(h) Swift Code SMBCSGSG at Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Corp Singapore

(i) Swift Code OCBCCNSH at Oversea Chinese Banking Corp: Shanghai, China

(j) Swift Code SMBCJPJT at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Co; Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

(k) Swift Code MHCBJPJT at Mizuho Bank Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

(l) Swift Code BOTKJPJT at Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Tokyo , Japan

(m) Swift Code MBBEMYKL at May Bank Malaysia

(n) Swift Code BSONBDDH at Sonali Bank Ltd, Dhaka Bangladesh

(o) Swift Code ABBLBDDH at Arab Bangladesh Bank Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh

(p) Swift Code UTBIINBB at United Bank of India, Mumbai, lndia