The requirements for grant of a permit to a foreign airline for commencement of scheduled international air services under bilateral or multilateral air services agreements are given for the information, guidance and compliance by the operators and is supplementary to AIP Myanmar, Section Gen. 1.2 paragraph 2.

Designation of Airline

The airline shall have been formally designated in accordance with the provisions of the relevant air services agreement between the Government of the Union of Myanmar and the Government of the State of the Operator.


The airline shall submit an application letter to the Director General, the Department of Civil Aviation, for grant of a permit to operate. The application shall be signed by the legal representative of the headquarters of the airline and shall include details of the route planned to be operated, proposed commencing date, flight number, weekly frequency and days of operation, and the type(s) of aircraft to be used in the operation. The application shall be addressed to:

            Director General

            Department of Civil Aviation

            DCA Headquarters Building

            Yangon International Airport

            Yangon 11021, Myanmar

            Fax: +95-1-533016

            E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Documents to be submitted

The following documents and information shall be submitted together with the application letter:

  • a)    a copy of the letter designating the airline in accordance with the provision of the relevant air services agreement;
  • b)    the postal address, telephone and fax numbers as well as telex and e-mail addresses of the airline’s head office;
  • c)    a copy of the instrument relating to incorporation of the airline and detailed certified information regarding the principle places of
  •        business of the enterprise, nature of the enterprise, equity structure, nationalities of the investors, names and nationalities of the board of
  •        directors;
  • d)    the company profile of the airline including the route network;
  • e)    a copy of a valid air operator certificate or equivalent document issued by the State of the Operator;
  • f)    a copy of the air transport licence or equivalent document (if different from above) authorizing the airline to operate scheduled
  •        international air services issued by the State of Operator;
  • g)    copies of valid insurance policies and/or certificates substantiating the passenger, baggage, cargo and general third party liability
  •        insurance coverage of the airline;
  • h)    a copy of the airline’s Operations Manual;
  • i)     a copy of the airline’s security programme;
  • j)     details of fleet of aircraft to be utilized in the operation of the agreed services together with their registration certificates indicating
  •        whether owned or leased by the airline;
  • k)    In case of use of leased aircraft, a copy of the relevant lease agreement(s);
  • l)     the title and the postal address, telephone and fax numbers as well as telex and e-mail addresses of the airworthiness, licensing and
  •        accident investigation authorities in respect of the airline; and
  • m)  a delegation of authority by legal representative of the airline to the airline’s local representative(s) who will be authorized to act on
  •        behalf of the airline in matters (which shall be stated in the terms of authorization) concerning the Department of Civil Aviation of Myanmar.

The application, together with the documents specified above, shall be submitted at least 60 days prior to the proposed date of commencement of the air services unless otherwise provided for in the relevant air services agreement or agreed between the aeronautical authorities of Myanmar and the State of Operator.

On fulfilment of the conditions prescribed under the relevant agreement and submission of all the aforesaid documents, the airline may be issued with an operating permit. The operations by the airline, however, will be subject to completion of other requirements specified in paragraphs 7 to 10 of this AIC.

The Department of Civil Aviation reserves the right to seek at any time information in respect of particulars mentioned in sub-paragraph 3.1 above and any other relevant information so as to satisfy itself that the airline continues to meet all the requirements on the fulfilment of which the permit to operate was granted.

Slot Coordination

The airline shall coordinate allocation of slots with the General Manager, Yangon International Airport or the General Manager, Mandalay International Airport as applicable.


The airline shall, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant agreement, obtain the approval of the competent authorities for the tariffs to be charged on the agreed services operated on the specified route(s).

Approval of arrangements done at airlines level

Subject to and in accordance with the relevant agreement, approval of the competent authorities in respect of arrangements done at airline’s level shall be submitted by the airline to the Department of Civil Aviation.

Filing of Schedule

The airline shall file its proposed flight schedule with the Department of Civil Aviation for approval, at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the agreed services. The flight schedule should at least contain information relating to the type of service and its frequency, the type of aircraft to be used and the flight timings. The flights shall be operated only after the schedule has been approved by the Department of Civil Aviation.