Air Transport Policy

Myanmar is of the view that air transport contributes to the sustainable economic development of the State, by facilitating tourism and trade. With this, Myanmar will develop and strengthen the safe, secure, efficient, sustainable & environmentally-friendly air transport industry in her jurisdiction, and integrate it with the international air transport environment in order to fulfill requirements of the public. In doing so, Myanmar has setthe aims and objectives of her air transport policies as follows:-

             1)   To ensure the aviation safety and security as priorities;

2)   To promote infrastructure development;

3)   To allow forming of new air carries, subject to demand and supply in the market;

4)   To allow setting up of efficient air transport auxiliary services;

5)   To promote Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the air transport industry;

6)   To develop fair competitions among air transport services;

7)   To encourage cooperation between air carriers;

8)   To enhance competitiveness of national air carriers;

9)   To foster air freight services;

10)  To support development of tourism and trade;

11)  To continue pursuing gradual liberalization of air transport towards the open sky policy;

12)  To enhance the capacity of aviation regulatory body;

13)  To create employment opportunities for nationals; and

14)  To develop environmentally-friendly air transport.