Our History

In 1981, by aids of the (BUR/81/004 Civil Aviation Development Project) the Department of Civil Aviation has clearly demonstrated its capacity to absorb external assistant and experts. According to the(MYA/86/003) by agreement between the government and UNDP, Civil Aviation Training Center needed to be established to provide basic training in Department of Civil Aviation. It updated the standards as stipulated by ICAO in accordance with the ICAO Annexes to the Convention on International Civil Aviation. CATC was renamed Civil Aviation Training Institute (CATI)in 1997. CATI, all aviation training courses are trained is the training arm of the Department of Civil Aviation of Myanmar (DCA). Up to 2014, CATI has trained over 10386 participants and conducted 541 courses since 1991.


  • Civil Aviation Training Institute (CATI), Myanmar, under the DCA, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, is responsible for training and developing the aviation human resources and for providing other services related with aviation industry.
  • As it is important to enhance the aviation human resources and the qualified aviation personnel, CATI plays a vital role in the advancement of aviation industry.


  • It aims to provide the highest quality of training and to share knowledge and experiences of the aviation for the advancement of Myanmar civil aviation.
  • CATI has continued developing curriculums in order to upgrade the training standard, to enhance the capabilities of the aviation personnel to fulfill the increasing demand of the aviation industry.