Functions and Responsibilities of Air Transport Division

The Air Transport Division is headed by a Deputy Director under which are four branches namely Air Transport, Regional, International, Legal and Research. The functions of the Air Transport Division are as follow;

  1. Preparing draft bilateral / multilateral air services agreements and conclusion of those agreements with other countries;
  2. Issuing "Permit to Operate" on economic concerns to its national airlines and international airlines of other countries having concluded bilateral/ multilateral Air Services Agreement with Myanmar;
  3. Controlling national airlines operations to be in line with Myanmar Investment Commission permit;
  4. Monitoring international airlines operations to Myanmar in accordance with the provisions of bilateral / multilateral Air Services Agreements of those Myanmar has concluded with other countries the airlines designated;
  5. Preparing air transport statistic form and forecasting the trend of air transport development;
  6. Studying for the compliance of International Civil Aviation's Standards, Recommended Practices and guide lines on air transport economic concerns;
  7. Liaising with the ICAO;
  8. Cooperation and coordination with International Air Transport Association, if necessary;
  9. Participation and cooperation with regional organizations such as ASEAN, CLMV GMS, BIMSTEC, ACMECS and BCIM on air transport concerns;
  10. Reviewing current bilateral /multilateral Air Services Agreements and coordination with other countries, those are bilateral or multilateral partners with Myanmar;
  11. Studying air transport infrastructures;
  12. Formulating the air transport strategy to be in line with international air transport development and to gain benefit for the country.

Head of Division

Mr. Ne Win
Tel/Fax :  +951 533010
eM     : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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