Aviation Security Division has established under the organization structure of Department of Civil Aviation in 2007. It is designated suitably resourced to effectively perform the aviation security functions required of the Director General of the Department of Civil Aviation.


ASD is to assure the protection and safety of passengers, crew, ground personnel, the general public, aircraft and facilities of all airports servicing civil aviation in Myanmar, against acts of unlawful interference perpetrated on the ground or in flight.

International Conventions

Myanmar has acceded to international air law instruments in respect of aviation security as follows:

  1. the Tokyo Convention - 1963
  2. the Hague Convention - 1970
  3. the Montreal Convention - 1971
  4. the Montreal Protocol - 1988
  5. the Marking of Plastic Explosive for the purpose of detection - 1991

Aviation Security Technical Documents

  1. Annex 17 - Security (Ninth Edition, 2011)
  2. Annex 9 - Facilitation (Twelfth Edition, 2005)
  3. Doc 8973 (Security Manual Vol I,II,III,IV,V)
  4. Doc 9303 - Part I (Machine Readable Passport)
  5. Doc 9303 - Part II (Machine Readable Visas)
  6. Doc 9957 - The Facilitation Manual (First Edition, 2011)

National Legislation

  1. the Union of Myanmar Aircraft Act, 1934(Revised Edition 2010)
  2. Aircraft Rule, 1937 (Revised Edition 2010)
  3. Myanmar Penal Code, 1957
  4. the Act on the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the safety of civil aviation

Other Legislation and Regulations

  1. Access Control order, 1 Jan 2009
  2. Guidance for in-flight security officers, 1 Jan 2009
  3. Guidance for airport security identification permit system, 1 Jan 2009
  4. Security Measures on the Carriage of Liquids, Aerosols and Gels(LAGs) for passengers departing Myanmar, 17 Dec 2007

Appropriate Authority for Civil Aviation Authority

The designated Appropriate Authority for civil aviation security in Myanmar is the Director General of the Department of Civil Aviation, and it is specified to ICAO to be responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of the national civil aviation security programme.
The Director General of the Department of Civil Aviation should be supported by the Aviation Security Division directly under its control and provided with sufficient staff to carry out the following functions:

  1. developing, implementing and maintaining the national civil aviation security programme of Myanmar.
  2. defining and allocating the tasks for the implementation of the various aspects of the national civil aviation security programme;
  3. establishing the means of coordinating activities between different organizations in Myanmar concerned with or responsible for various aspects of the national civil aviation security programme;
  4. making available to airport management, air traffic service providers, airlines operating in its territory and others concerned a written version of the appropriate parts of the national civil aviation security programme;
  5. reviewing and maintaining the effectiveness of the national civil aviation security programme, including re-evaluating security measures and procedures following an act of unlawful interference and taking action as necessary to remedy weaknesses so as to prevent recurrence;
  6. reviewing and approving aircraft operator and international airport security programmes;
  7. ensuring that airport security services at international airports within Myanmar are provided withthe necessary supporting facilities, including office space, telecommunications equipment, appropriate security equipment and training facilities;
  8. developing and revising, as necessary, broad national policies relating to civil aviation security;
  9. developing and issuing comprehensive national regulations relating to civil aviation security;
  10. ensuring that architectural and infrastructure-related requirements necessary for the optimum implementation of international aviation security measures are integrated into the design and construction of new facilities and alterations to existing facilities at international airports in Myanmar;
  11. developing and implementing a national aviation security training programme and coordinating the development of and granting approval to aviation security training programmes by individual agencies and organizations; and
  12. conducting audits, inspections, surveys, tests and investigations of the security standards and operating procedures of airports, aircraft operators, air traffic service providers and providers of security services; report any deficiencies in security measures; and recommend and/or enforce procedures for their correction.

National Civil Aviation Security Committee (NCASC)

National Civil Aviation Security Committee has been reestablished on 27 May 2011. NCASC is chaired by Minister of Transport and DG, DCA is Secretary.

National Civil Aviation Security Programme

Aviation security measures are conducted with NCASPs which has been developed, implement and maintain by ASD as follows:

  1. National Civil Aviation Security Programme- NCASP
  2. National Civil Aviation Security Quality Control Programme - NCASQCP
  3. National Civil Aviation Security Training Programme- NCASTP

Universal Security Audit Programme -USAP Second Cycle

Myanmar has undergone the ICAO USAP Second Cycle Audit Schedule from 6 to 13 August 2009. Corrective Action Plans which will reflect the finding of the Audit team has been submitted.

Participation in CASP-AP

Myanmar has signed the programme document to participate in the CASP-AP Programme in 16 March 2009. Myanmar will closely cooperate with the other Contracting States to ensure the achievement of concrete results regarding aviation security within the Asia Pacific Region.

Machine Readable Travel Documents - MRTDs

Myanmar has updated its travel documents to meet the technical specifications of Doc 9303. Myanmar has introduced Machine Readable Passport (MRP) on 1st April 2010 and Machine Readable Visas (MRV) also on 1st week of June.

Aviation Security Oversight Functions

ASD has conducted the aviation security surveys and inspections to evaluate the effectiveness of aviation security measures and procedures in accordance with the provisions of the National Civil Aviation Security Quality Control Programme at airports in Myanmar terriorities.

The following airports have been carried out security surveys and inspections:

  1. Kawthoung Airport                   1-5-2010
  2. Kyaykpyu Airport                     8-5-2010
  3. Tachileik Airport                       15-5-2010
  4. Dawei Airport                            27-5-2010
  5. Putao Airport                             13-6-2011
  6. Myitkyina Airport                      14-6-2011
  7. Yangon International Airport     24-6-2011
  8. Kawthaung Airport                    14-7-2011

Head of Division

Mr. Ye Htut Aung

Tel      : + 951 533011
Fax     : + 951 533016
E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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