The AISD is headed by a Deputy Director and is responsible for the provision of aeronautical information services including flight procedure design office and aeronautical cartography within Yangon FIR.

The Functions of AIS Myanmar

The Functions of AIS is to:

  • collect/receive or originate
  • collate/edit or format
  • the aeronautical information/data for the entire territory

The Responsibility of AIS Myanmar

  • The AIS Myanmar shall remain responsible for the information published.
  • AIS Myanmar shall take all necessary measures to ensure that the aeronautical information/data provided relating to entire territory, as well as areas in which Myanmar is responsible for air traffic services outside its territory, is adequate, of required quality and timely.
  • Necessary arrangements shall be made for the timely provision of required information/data to the aeronautical information service by each of the services within the department and services associated with aircraft operations.
  • Whenever, Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) is amended/reissued, all concerned authorities shall be requested to provide updated information to be included in the AIP.
  • Where 24-hour service is not provided, service shall be available during the whole period an aircraft is in flight in the area of responsibility of an aeronautical information service, plus a period of at least two hours before and after such a period. The service shall also be available at such other time as may be requested by an appropriate ground organization.
  • AIS Myanmar shall, in addition, obtain information to enable it to provide pre-flight information service and to meet the need for in-flight information:-
    a) from the aeronautical information services of other States;
    b) from other sources that may be available.
  • Aeronautical information/data obtained shall, when distributed, be clearly identified as having the authority of the State of Origin.
  • Aeronautical information/data obtained shall, if possible, be verified before distribution and if not verified shall, when distributed, be clearly identified as such.
  • AIS Myanmar shall promptly make available to the aeronautical information services of other States any information/data necessary for the safety, regularity or efficiency of air navigation required by them.
  • AIS Myanmar shall receive and/or originate, collate or assemble, edit, format, publish/store and distribute aeronautical information/data concerning the entire territory of Myanmar as well as areas in which Myanmar is responsible for air traffic services outside territory. Aeronautical information shall be published as an Integrated Aeronautical Information Package.

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